Approach to and Systems to Ensure Safety and Security

Since its founding, Nissui has been utilizing its unique technology to turn the bounty of the sea into valuable products and to deliver them to its customers. Over the years, what has remained constant is our commitment to "food safety and security." We wish to treasure the "delicious taste" and "freshness" of materials, provide individual consumer with safe and high-quality products and thus helping them to develop healthy, rich eating life style. To gain consumers' confidence and empathy, every member of NISSUI's staff will perform his or her duty to maintain product quality and will make every effort to obtain consumers' satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Code

The Nissui Group Quality Assurance Code, based on the concept of quality assurance, sets out quality policies and action guidelines under which the criteria related to quality assurance are regulated, so that all executives and employees take action supporting the same concepts.

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Quality Assurance Systems

In order to produce products to the customers’ satisfaction, quality assurance systems are in place, including the Customer Service Center, Quality Assurance Department and Food Safety Research Department, which have been established as part of the QA (Quality Assurance) Group.

system, 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者, 日本水産株式会社 広報課

International Standards Certification for Food Safety Management Systems

Acquisition of FSSC 22000 Certification

The Nissui Group holds FSSC 22000 food safety system certification for plants directly managed by the Marine Products, Food Products, and Fine Chemicals Businesses. FSSC 22000 certification is based on adherence to a systematic HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) approach, and covers a broad range of requirements for food safety. We will continue to acquire management system certifications like FSSC 22000 for our manufacturing bases in future, and will strengthen our quality assurance capabilities.

Status of FSSC 22000 certification

  Number of certified business sites
Business sites in Japan 17

As of March 2020
Scope: Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. (Nissui) and the group companies in Japan

system, 日本水産株式会社 CSR部CSR課, 外部協力者, 日本水産株式会社 広報課