Environmental Management

The Nissui Group has established an environmental management system under the CSR Action Declaration and it will strive to build a sustainable society.

By utilizing this environmental management system, we will make effort to solve social issues in the areas determined to be material, particularly toward achieving sustainability in the marine environment.

Environmental Code

Environmental Philosophy

The basic corporate stance of Nissui, whose business relies on the bounty of nature, is to respect natural resources and interact with the earth and sea with gratitude.

We shall engage in global business activities which enable us to live in harmony with the global environment, and make continuous efforts to build a sustainable society.


  1. 1.We will promote activities mindful of the preservation of the natural environment and biodiversity, and the sustainable use of resources.
  2. 2.we will continuously endeavor to build a recycling-oriented society by practicing energy conservation, resource saving, waste reduction, reducing volume of packaging&containers, environmentally friendly procurement, and other activities which alleviate environmental impact.
  3. 3.We will build and effectively operate an environmental management system. We will also conduct environmental audits and strictly enforce compliance with environment-related laws, regulations, etc.
  4. 4.We will raise the environmental awareness of each and every one of our employees by offering environmental education.
  5. 5.With respect to society, we will carry out environmental communication activities, and strongly emphasize environmentally friendly coexistence with the local community.
  6. 6.We will share this Environmental Code with companies affiliated with the Nissui Group.

Enactment Date: June 1, 2003
Revision Date: February 20, 2014

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Environmental Subcommittee

The Environmental Subcommittee, chaired by an Executive Officer who has been designated by the CSR Committee, is convened four times a year. It deliberates the following matters and gives progress reports to the CSR Committee.

Environmental Subcommittee

Environmental Subcommittee

The Environmental Subcommittee, chaired by an Executive Officer who has been designated by the CSR Committee, is convened four times a year. It deliberates the following matters and gives progress reports to the CSR Committee.

  • Formulation of various measures to ensure that the Environmental Code functions effectively
  • Responses to newly-emerging environmental problems that need to be addressed
  • Progress management on the environmental targets of each department
  • Important matters to be submitted to the CSR Committee

CSR Department CSR Section

Functions as the secretariat of the Environmental Subcommittee and convenes periodic meetings for persons in charge of the environment.

Environmental Education

The persons in charge of the environment from approximately 80 business sites are gathered and a meeting of persons in charge of the environment is convened once a year.

  • Monitors the progress of activities in each business; exchanges information
  • Develops good practices horizontally
  • Confirms the status of legal compliance
  • Shares social trends and topics
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Environmental Audit

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Nissui Group maintains a broad range of business sites including production plants for foods and marine products, fine chemical plants, logistics centers, research and development facilities and ship-building companies. While the type of business may vary, the importance of environmental activities, such as mitigating the environment burden by reducing CO2 emissions, water usage and waste and protecting the natural environment in the areas surrounding the business sites, remains the same. The Nissui Group is systematically operating its environmental management system by having each business site acquire ISO 14001 certification and by building a system for ongoing checks led by the Environmental Management Committee.

Status of ISO 14001 certification

  Number of certified business sites
Business sites in Japan 44/63 sites
Business sites outside Japan 2/9 sites

As of March 2020
Scope of business sites: Business sites in Japan include Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and its group companies in Japan, business sites outside Japan include its nine major group companies outside Japan. Administrative offices have been excluded.

Audits by the Internal Audit Department

Check items relating to the environment have been included in the operational audits conducted by the Internal Audit Department on Nissui plants. The audits confirm the progress made in the achievement of targets for reducing the environment impact.

Environmental Management Unique to Each Plant

Hachioji Site Environment Council

At the Hachioji General Plant, management-level employees and persons in charge of the environment of Group companies located on the same premises (Hachioji Site) (Chilldy Co., Ltd. and Carry Net Co., Ltd.) and the Tokyo Food Order Section are invited to the Environment Council, which is held on a quarterly basis. Actual initiatives made by each person to reduce the environmental load and the progress made in the achievement of environmental targets are reported and effective case studies are proactively shared. Additionally, members are familiarized with any revisions to environmental laws and regulations or the implementation of any new laws, and environmental management for the entire Hachioji Site is promoted.

Himeji General Plant Eco-promotion Team

The Himeji General Plant has launched the Eco-promotion Team comprising the heads of the Human Resources & General Affairs Section, the Frozen Foods Plant, the Processed Foods Plant and the Himeji Food Order Section. It meets once a month to make the employees more aware of the environment, while at the same time promoting environmental activities close to home, such as encouraging employees to use the stairs within the facility, and collecting plastic bottle caps.

Himeji General Plant Eco-Promotion Team

Himeji General Plant Eco-promotion Team

Gorton’s, Inc. energy management, cooperation with energy company

Energy management in a company requires sustainable ways to reduce energy usage.
The Nissui Group company, Gorton’s, Inc. (U.S.), began a new Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) initiative in 2019. This program aims to achieve even better results from energy management initiatives through organizational commitment coupled with the repetition of the processes of planning & implementation and measuring & reporting. As part of this commitment toward continued energy savings, Gorton’s has entered National Grid’s (Note) CEI energy cohort with seven other companies in the American Northeast. This 3-year program is designed to assist companies in developing energy management programs that will yield even more results in various aspects, including greater energy and cost savings.

Gorton’s energy management initiatives in 2019

  • Assembled an internal energy management team and developed an energy management policy
  • Identified 26 opportunities for energy reduction and prioritized them in order
  • Utilized an energy management tool to record energy usage in production plants along with other data such as weather conditions and production quantity (to be used in analyzing conditions when issues related to energy usage occur)
  • Worked on developing new energy management tools

Gorton’s believes that for a company’s energy management to work effectively, it is crucial to get employees involved in energy reduction and be proactive in the initiatives. Gorton’s will embrace an energy management culture and encourage all employees to continue working on improvements.

(Note) National Grid: An energy company supplying electricity and gas based in Massachusetts where Gorton’s is also located.

Energy Manegement Meeting

Energy Management Meeting

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Eco Letter

The “Nissui Eco Letter,” an internal newsletter on the environment, is published for the employees of Nissui and its group companies. Timely themes are chosen for the newsletter including “the Paris Agreement” and “the problem of plastics in the ocean.” The newsletter provides opportunities to think about what we can do, as a company and as an individual, to pass on this irreplaceable earth to the next generation.

Eco Letter
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Excellence Award (Gorton’s, Inc.)

The Nissui Group company, Gorton’s, Inc. (U.S.), was awarded the SmartWay Excellence Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2019. This award recognizes partners that have been successful in optimizing the environmental performance and efficiency of their freight management operations. Criteria for awardees are for 98% or more of their ton-miles shipped to be with SmartWay carrier partners, thereby reducing impact on the environment and optimizing freight efficiency. Three environmental metrics for the air, etc., carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), and particulate matter (PM2.5), must also be tracked. Awardees are forerunners leading the way in freight sustainability and have gained recognition by the EPA as pioneers in using less fuel, reducing pollution, and cutting costs. This latest award is Gorton’s second from SmartWay, following its first in 2015.

Smartway Excellence Award
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